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Cosmic Numerology
Cosmic Numerology

Cosmic Numerology


How to harness your full potential using the power of numbers and planets.

 Chart your cosmic course with the numbers and planets by your side. This simple guide weaves together the languages of numerology and astrology to enhance your career, love life, relationships and more.

Numerology has continually fascinated people since ancient times, from Egypt to the Roman Empire, India and Scandinavia. Numbers are a universal language that can help make sense of the seemingly chaotic world we inhabit.

Cosmic Numerology is numerology with an extra dimension. Numerologist and astrophile Jenn King pairs mystical mathematics with planetary power so you can tap into deeper levels of self-knowledge, access your talents and enhance your relationships.

Use this magic manual to tune into the number and planet energies at play in your life, and use this knowledge to maximize the gifts bestowed on you by your birth chart.

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