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Piggy Bank Counting

Today, we are learning about animals. Following our regular learning schedule I am creating activities that incorporate our normal learning (like numbers and letters) and associating it with something Calloway loves, animals. The goal is always to have activities that spike his interest and like hiding broccoli in your kids Mac and cheese, benefit them without them necessarily realizing it. Here...

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Alphabet Download

As I plan out the next few weeks educational activities I am trying to create lesson plans that are both simple to assemble and accessible for most. Each days theme will incorporate letters and numbers, learning curriculum suitable for Calloway's age. For example, tomorrow our theme is 'Animals' and we will be practicing the letter 'A'. In learning 'A' we...

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Trace With Stickers Activity

I've seen this idea floating around the internet for a while in which you create large paths for children to trace. There are plenty of books you can purchase, Pinterest versions, and more but I never actually considered trying it until a friend of mine, to whom has a daughter only slightly older than our Calloway, did one herself.  I won't...

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