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Easter Week Activities

It's crazy that it's already Easter! I wanted to make sure Calloway's Easter was still special despite our current circumstances. We haven't figured out the logistics just yet for Easter Day but we have an extra special basket put together as well as a week full of fun activities! In an attempt to help you prep for the entire week...

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Animal Rescue

As you begin working on your at-home schedules it's important to remember homeschooling is not like traditional school. Homeschool parents teach everyday practical learning like cooking, education through play, art, and other activities. So, unlike the public school programs homeschoolers average around two to three hours of traditional learning broken up throughout the day. For young children, it's best to find activities...

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Alphabet Download

As I plan out the next few weeks educational activities I am trying to create lesson plans that are both simple to assemble and accessible for most. Each days theme will incorporate letters and numbers, learning curriculum suitable for Calloway's age. For example, tomorrow our theme is 'Animals' and we will be practicing the letter 'A'. In learning 'A' we...

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