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Color & Count Locomotive

Color & Count Locomotive

This week we are focusing on "things that go"! I think I'm most excited to do this "Color & Count Locomotive" worksheet we put together. The idea was inspired but a post-it notes train project I saw on Pinterest where they made large train parts and taped them to the wall with painters tape and filled with the same colored post-it notes. Honestly, I had intended to do just that but when I had other parents asking for more digital downloads I figured I might as well make anything I can into an easily printable document. 

Caboose Train

The concept of this project is to work on hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, color identification, and counting.

**PLEASE NOTE: We haven't colored ours at the time of this posting. This is an activity for Calloway to do but I would suggest extending the length of the activity by coloring each caboose as detailed in the below instructions.

caboose train

caboose train close

Digital Download
Colored Construction Paper (or paper cut and colored)
Glue Stick

1. Download digital download up above!
2. Cut small shapes from five different colored construction paper sheets. You can also use regular printer paper and color the shapes to match the caboose colors. (As an added bonus, you can have older children use safety scissors to cut their own shapes or use a shape punch with a younger child. Just make sure they're always supervised).
3. Color your download sheet. Give each caboose a different color to match the cutouts.
4. Have your child glue (or tape) each colored shape to it's matching colored caboose. 

We hope you love this at-home activity with your child!


For those that are curious, Calloway is two-years-old (26 months as of 3/22/20).

Please feel free to leave any questions, suggestions, or comments below. Also, if you see any spelling or grammatical errors please let me know so I may quickly correct. I hope you enjoyed this activity and be sure to share pictures with us on Instagram @Friendlilypress if you try them out yourself!





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