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Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue

As you begin working on your at-home schedules it's important to remember homeschooling is not like traditional school. Homeschool parents teach everyday practical learning like cooking, education through play, art, and other activities. So, unlike the public school programs homeschoolers average around two to three hours of traditional learning broken up throughout the day.

animal rescue

For young children, it's best to find activities that teach practical information and practical skills rolled into one activity. For example, Friday, we focused our schedule on animals. You may have already seen our milk jug piggy bank activity in past blogs but we also conducted the ultimate animal rescue mission!

animal rescue

This activity is SO easy to assemble and it kept Calloway's attention for a solid 20 minutes! I think had I wrapped more animals we could have gone even longer. He was so focused on removing all of the painter's tape and so excited to figure out what animal was hiding underneath. 

animal rescue

Painter's tape
Plastic animal figures

1. Take animal figurines and wrap in all directions with painters tape. I wrapped eight animals for Calloway to discover.
2. Ask your child to remove the tape. 
3. Ask your child to identify animals once all the tape has been removed.

Calloway loved this activity and we will definitely be doing it again in the near future. There are a lot of other ways we can diversify this activity as well with either barn specific animals, ocean animals, or dinosaurs. In the future, I will also wrap more figurines since it did so well at keeping his attention. Be aware, your child may become agitated if they are trying to remove a piece and struggling to lift the edge of the tape or if the tape is too stuck together. I would encourage Calloway to keep trying when this occurred and let him know it was okay to ask for help as long as he actively tried to do it himself first.

animal rescue

For those who are curious, we use Terra brand animal figurines. We have acquired a pretty large collection for the past year from places like Michaels and Target. You can also find these on Amazon.

Terra Aquatic Set
Terra Dinosaur Set


For those that are curious, Calloway is two-years-old (26 months as of 3/22/20).

Please feel free to leave any questions, suggestions, or comments below. Also, if you see any spelling or grammatical errors please let me know so I may quickly correct. I hope you enjoyed this activity and be sure to share pictures with us on Instagram @Friendlilypress if you try them out yourself!




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