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Trace With Stickers Activity

Trace With Stickers Activity

I've seen this idea floating around the internet for a while in which you create large paths for children to trace. There are plenty of books you can purchase, Pinterest versions, and more but I never actually considered trying it until a friend of mine, to whom has a daughter only slightly older than our Calloway, did one herself. 

Trace with stickers

I won't lie, I was still skeptical. At two he doesn't have the worlds longest attention span. And while an intelligent child I still questioned his ability to even complete the task. With quarantines in place I decided 'why not?' and scavenged for crafting supplies around the house. 

Placing Stickers

Roll of paper
Painters tape

1. Cut a large sheet of artist roll and temporarily adhere to a wall using painters tape. We had a roll from IKEA sitting around that worked perfect but you could use the inside of wrapping paper, a piece of cardboard, a paper shopping bag, or even tin foil or parchment paper. There is literally no wrong way to do this.

2. Using a sharpie create your paths. I created three paths for tracing, some shapes that could either be traced or filled, my sons name, and some numbers. 

3. Encourage your child to place stickers along the provided lines. Don't be afraid to do this together so they can follow your example and keep their focus/excitement on the activity. We used garage sale stickers but again you could use crayons, dot markers, or any other like supply you have around the house. By the end we had used a variety of these options just for fun.

-Hand Eye Coordination
-Fine Motor Skills
-Following Directions

I think overall Calloway did great and had a lot of fun in the process! He kept about 15-20 minutes focus on this activity and did a stellar job at staying on the lines. He did wander a couple times but I was actually legitimately surprised by how well he did overall. This is definitely an activity I would absolutely recommend and will even be repeating in my own home. 


For those that are curious, Calloway is two-years-old (26 months as of 3/19/20).

Please feel free to leave any questions, suggestions, or comments below. Also, if you see any spelling or grammatical errors please let me know so I may quickly correct. Hope you enjoyed this activity and be sure to share pictures with us on Instagram @Friendlilypress if you try them out yourself!




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