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As I plan out the next few weeks educational activities I am trying to create lesson plans that are both simple to assemble and accessible for most. Each days theme will incorporate letters and numbers, learning curriculum suitable for Calloway's age. For example, tomorrow our theme is 'Animals' and we will be practicing the letter 'A'. In learning 'A' we may identify animals like alligator, alpaca, and ant and use our Terra miniature animals to trace out the letter. 

This digital download includes the letters A-Z and can be used in a multitude of ways.


-Trace with gold fish
-Color in letters
-Trace with other objects like plastic animals or pipe cleaners
-Use dotting markers

Download is available to print as many times as you like or you can even slip them inside a clear folder or laminate them, if those sources are available to you, for repeat usage.



For those that are curious, Calloway is two-years-old (26 months as of 3/19/20).

Please feel free to leave any questions, suggestions, or comments below. Also, if you see any spelling or grammatical errors please let me know so I may quickly correct. Hope you enjoyed this activity and be sure to share pictures with us on Instagram @Friendlilypress if you try them out yourself!



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